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Colleen Hole, artist

Colleen Atwater Hole


I am a multifacited artist specializing in fine fused glass. Living in Humboldt County California I’m surrounded by lots of natural beauty – giant redwood trees, beautiful rivers and streams, the Pacific Ocean, Humboldt Bay, and lush, green mountains and valleys. It’s easy to get inspired here.

My glass artwork has vibrant colors, bold geometrical shapes, is sometimes whimsical and asymmetrical, but is always useful in form and function.

I create art using glass fusion. This process is sometimes referred to as kiln-fired or “warm glass”, and is an entirely different process than blown or “hot glass”. I cut colored sheets of glass into shapes, layer them, and fire them in a kiln. At about 1500 degrees the layers of glass melt together to form a smooth flat piece.